Drawing of a microphone, with orange background, and buzzing electricity bolts coming out of the microphone Listen to a Podcast featuring Sheila Foster discussing the Co-Cities Project and Methodology, and the work of LabGov




A picture depicting gentrification Read Sheila Foster's Recent Blog Post, "Gentrification Reconsidered: An Ambitious Framework for Equitable Urbanism," from May 2018.




An eclectiv picture with lots of little pictures that evoke thoughts of curisoity and creativity: Lightbulbs, question marks, gears, etcRead a Blog post on "Ostrom in the City: Design Principles for the Urban Commons" by Sheila Foster & Christian Iaione





A modern city along the riverRead Sheila Foster's Blog post on "The Co-City: From the Tragedy to the Comedy of the Urban Commons"





A bunch of people putting their legs together to form a circle, evokes collaboration Read an Interview with Christian Iaione by the Green European Journal

February 17, 2015







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A stack of books on a shelf, old and academic looking Review the many publications by Foster & Iaione on the Co-City Methodology, the Urban Commons, and other topics relevant to LabGov