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Painting of Georgetown University's Healy Hall with a beautiful tree beside it in fall colors (orange)Conference: "Celebrating Commons Scholarship"

Georgetown University, Washington DC, October 5-6, 2018

As part of World Commons Week, this conference will draw on the expertise of scholars across disciplines, from within and beyond Georgetown University, to illustrate the breadth and richness of commons scholarly inquiry.

Organizers: Prof. Sheila Foster (Georgetown Law), Prof. Brigham Daniels (Brigham Young University), and the Interational Association for the Study of the Commons.

Email Chrystie Swiney with any questions about the conference.

The deadline to submit an abstract has passed, but you can register to attend the conference here.

test tubes colorfulPractitioner's Lab: Housing Through a Commons Lens

On the second day, October 6th, of the Celebrating Commons Scholarship conference, there will be a practitioner's lab co-led by Amanda Huron, associate professor at the University of the District of Columbia and author of the new book, "Carving out the Commons: Tenant Organizing and Housing Cooperatives in Washington D.C.", and Paula Segal, senior staff attorney in the Equitable Neighborhoods Practice at the Community Development Project in New York City. The lab will focus on housing through the lens of the urban commons, with a particular focus on community land trusts.


Abstract sketch of a lightbulb with smears of colors around it World Commons Week

October 4-12, 2018

The International Association for the Study of the Commons

In recognition of the past half-century of commons scholarship, and to raise awareness of the nature, practice, and potential of commons governance around the globe, the IASC is organizing a global “World Commons Week,” scheduled for October 4–12, 2018.

For more information go here.




A view of a canal street in Amsterdam, beautiful, overhanging trees, colorful brick buildings on each side of the canalConference: "We Make the City"

Amsterdam, Netherlands

June 20-24, 2018




Past Events

Sketch of Sheila Foster's talk at Lab@DC showing the co-city cycle Presentation by Sheila Foster at Lab@DC, March 29, 2018

"The Co-City: Mapping the New Urban Commons"

Listen to a podcast of a follow-up interview done with Professor Foster following her presentation.


*Sketch compliments of artist Becca Barad (@BeccaB_Rad).


Participants of the Bellagio Center Retreat The Co-City Bellagio Retreat

December 11-15, 2017

Read a Summary of the Bellagio Co-City Retreat.