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Heptagon Productions

Heptagon Productions is a mission-driven marketing agency that helps purpose economy pioneers put their purpose at the heart of their brand. It uses a human-centered design approach to empower communities to elevate and amplify the best of what a brand has to offer. By emphasizing empathy and human connection in their unique approach, Heptagon Productions ensures that the passion of the people behind every brand shines through. Its founder and CEO is Alicia Bonner Ness.

Georgetown's Healy Hall with a cherry blossom tree in full bloom in front of it

The Georgetown Environment Initiative

The Georgetown Environment Initiative (GEI) is a multi-campus effort to advance the interdisciplinary study of the environment in relation to society, scientific understanding, sound policy, and the broad and complex challenges we face as stewards of the planet’s natural resources.  The establishment of LabGov Georgetown, and the “Celebrating Commons Scholarship” Conference in October 2018, are both possible thanks to the generous financial support of GEI.

Simple logo used by the international association for the commons, green and white

The International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC)

Founded in 1989, IASC has over 1,000 individual and institutional members, and sponsors both regional and institutional convenings around the world. IASC is devoted to bringing together multi-disciplinary researchers, practitioners and policymakers to encourage the exchange of knowledge, foster mutual exchange of scholarship and practical experience, and to promote appropriate institutional design for commons, common pool resources, or any other form of shared resources of all types. The IASC includes researchers around the world representing a dozen or more academic disciplines. Its governing Council, on which Professor Sheila Foster sits, includes researchers (full professors with terminal degrees) from the following disciplines, which reflect and are representative of IASC’s overall membership: Geography, Institutional Economics, Mathematics, History, Anthropology, Environmental Conservation, Natural Resources, Public Policy and Administration, Law, Natural Resource Management, and Agricultural Sciences.

International Food Policy Research Institute Logo, small green square with three flowers sprouting upward

The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

A research consortium that works on food policy in over 50 countries; it has agreed to formally collaborate and be a sponsor for the Pilot Project. Given its connections, it will facilitate drawing in additional institutional support and institutional participants in the D.C. area.

The Laboratory for the Governance of the Commons

Founded in 2011 at LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome by Professor Christian Iaione, LabGov is an applied research laboratory with whom Professor Foster has been collaborating. LabGov brings together international scholars across disciplines, along with practitioners and other experts, to explore innovative forms of stewardship and governance of urban resources. LabGov is internationally known for its work on the governance of urban commons.

Georgetown Global Cities Initiative

The Georgetown Global Cities Iniative is a project that reaches across the entire University community to explore cross-cutting themes related to urbanization. Through this dialogue, Georgetown aims to align more than 60 faculty scholars and practitioners engaged in urban research who are not otherwise linked through their traditional academic disciplines. The Initiative matches Georgetown’s international research networks with our civic role as a leading local anchor institution in Washington, DC.  Research themes include social equity, rapid urbanization, city diplomacy; urban governance frameworks; social entrepreneurship; public health; technology, data and ethics; and changing environmental resources.

Healy Hall, Georgetown University

Learn about our recent events, including the Celebrating Commons Scholarship Conference at Georgetown Law in October 2018!

Books, academic and old looking, sitting side-by-side on a wooden shelf

Review Professors Sheila Foster’s and Christian Iaione’s many publications on the Co-City MethodologyLabGov, the City as a Commons, and other related topics. 

Becca Barad’s sketch of Sheila Foster’s lecture at Lab@DC, in which she depicts the co-city methodology and the quituple helix, the five actors essential for creating a co-governed urban project

Learn all about the Co-City Methodology, which guides LabGov’s work.

*Sketch compliments of artist Becca Barad (@BeccaB_Rad)