picture of students walking on a college campusLabGov São Paulo

The São Paulo chapter of LabGov is based on the work and methodology carried out by Professors Iaione and Foster, in alliance with The City Needs You Institute. The Institute “A Cidade Precisa de Você”, in Portuguese, works for enhancing active citizenship and developing community capacity to build innovative interventions and governance structures for public spaces. The City Needs You investigates shared management concepts, tools and models possible in the São Paulo context, and researches alternative methodologies to bottom-up city-making.

College students sitting on the steps of a campusUrban Commons Course

The LabGov in São Paulo, as one of the Institute’s various projects, offers the Urban Commons course for architects, urbanists, urban designers, and other professionals interested in the concept of city-making. This is done in alliance with the “A Cidade Precisa de Vocȇ” Institute.

These courses not only teach the theoretical underpinnings of the study of the urban commons, but provide students with hands-on opportunities for local engagement and practical application in alliance with local municipality. As such, students work toward the regeneration of public spaces in São Paulo while simultaneously studying the research and literature on the theme.

The first course will take place in the second semester of 2018 and will consist of a bottom-up regeneration of Praça Amadeu Decome, located on the west area of the city of São Paulo.

fieldworkers in a rain forest in brazilFor more information about the course, please contact one of the members of LabGov-SP.

The LabGov - São Paulo chapter officially launched in 2018.


The LabGov São Paulo Team


PIcture of Sofia MazzucoSofia Croso Mazzuco, Professor and Researcher, A Cidade Precisa de Vocȇ

Sofia Croso Mazzuco is an architect and urbanist who graduated from the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, in 2013. She also holds a Master of Science in Urban Design & City Planning from the Bartlett School of Planning (UCL), where she focused on the topic of the Urban Commons. Sofia worked in several architecture firms in Brazil, including Davis Brody Bond and Isay Weinfeld, and she worked as a researcher at the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and as an urban designer at CSA Environmental in the UK. Currently, she is part of the research team at LabGov and brings her collaborative vision to the fields of architecture, research, and planning. She is developing tools to co-create architecture projects and is working with an NGO at Sergipe (IPTI), in the northeast of Brazil, where she is leading the co-design of a school and, in the near future, will be leading its co-construction process with the local community. She is also co-designing the first LabGov-SP course in partnership with ‘A Cidade Precisa de Você,’  which will be taught in the second semester of 2018.


Picture of Marcella ArrudaMarcella Arruda, Coordinator and Professor, A Cidade Precisa de Vocȇ

Born in São Paulo, Marcella researches the notion of community and the empowerment of its inhabitants in the construction of the city. Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism at Escola da Cidade, studied Interactive Media Design in the Royal Academy of Arts of Den Haag, in the Netherlands. Marcella organized different workshops, debates and lectures on methodologies of collaborative and Situated Design (MIT Press) in South America, India, Denmark, and England. Co-founder of MUDA_coletivo, initiative that developed diverse collaborative actions of urban intervention in São Paulo, proposing a new vision of the city and arising citizens’ sense of belonging. Nowadays, she is Project Coordinator in The City Needs You Institute, of the program School Without Walls, and lecturer in the event The Future of My City.


Picture of Alexis de ParadesAlix de Parades, Research Intern, A Cidade Precisa de Você

Alix de Parades is an urban policy researcher and practitioner; currently doing a research internship at the Instituto A Cidade Precisa de Você. She is French, and is about to complete a Master’s degree in Urban Planning and Urban Governance in Sciences Po Paris (France). She graduated in Public Policies in Sciences Po Paris and is an ex-exchange student of the FGV-EAESP. Her research at the Instituto A Cidade Precisa de Você focuses on the notion of urban commons as applied to public spaces in the city of Sao Paulo. She is also an expert on mobility issues in Latin America, and used to work punctually as an activist for soft mobilities with the NGO SampaPé, as well as within the European Mobility Week network.