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LabGov Baton Rouge

LabGov, in coordination with the Marron Institute of Urban Management at NYU, recently launched a new urban regeneration project in Baton Rouge using the Co-City Methodology, which requires community input along every step of the process.  The project, which is expected to last for three years, will officially commence in the fall of 2019, but the planning process is already well under way. The project's focus will be on the impoverished Plank Road Corridor, one of the most blighted areas in all of Baton Rouge.

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Meet the Co-Cities Fellow on the Baton Rouge Projectco-city fellow

Manohar "Manny" Patole is the Co-City Fellow and Project Manager in the Co-City project with NYU's Marron Institute and Georgetown's LabGov Initiative. As the Co-City Fellow and Project Manager he collaborates with Co-City principals in applying and adapting the Co-City protocol in Baton Rouge with the East Baton Rouge Redevelopment Authority in their area revitalization projects.

Manny earned a Master of Urban Planning from NYU Wagner. In addition, he graduated as part of the inaugural class of the joint venture between UNESCO's Institute for Water Education and University of Dundee's Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy with a LLm/ME specializing in Water Governance and Conflict Resolution and Water Conflict Management. His research interests include data for development, environmental gentrification, local government innovation, and urban WASH policy.

Learn more about the Build Baton Rouge/ Co-City Project Partnerships here.


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Learn more about the project's goals here.


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