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Just Released: Community-Based Assessments of Adaptation and Equity

The NYC Panel on Climate Change just released its findings. LabGov Director Sheila Foster co-authored the chapter on community-based assessments.

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Baton Rouge

Read about LabGov's New Baton Rouge Project

LabGov Georgetown, in coordination with NYU's Marron Institute of Urban Management, are launching a new project focused on co-revitalizing the impoverished Plank Road Corridor in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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The Quintuple Helix: Social innovators, schools, public authorities, businesses, and civil society

LabGov's History & Mission

LabGov is a laboratory for the study of innovative, collaborative, and community-led forms of urban governance.  It brings together scholars, practitioners, community members, knowledge institutions, NGOs, businesses, and government officials to explore collaborative, new ways to co-govern shared urban spaces and resources.

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LabGov is Based on the Co-City Methodology

The Co-City Methodology is premised on the idea that the city is a platform for sharing, collaboration, participatory decision-making, and peer-to-peer production, supported by open data and guided by principles of distributive justice.

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Healy hall with the main spire prominent on a clear day

Celebrating Commons Conference

The "Celebrating Commons Scholarship" Conference at Georgetown University from October 5-6, 2018 was a great success! Learn about the variety of topics that were presented and the interdisciplinary and diverse array of speakers who attended.   

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LabGov Insights & Resources

Check out Professor Sheila Foster's latest thoughts on the concepts, ideas, and practical implementation of the Co-City Methodology, the Co-Cities Project, the work being done by other LabGovs, and other ideas that fuel LabGov Georgetown's research here

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Other LabGov Projects

LabGovs are emerging around the globe, in New York, Brazil, Italy, Costa Rica, Amsterdam, and beyond! Each is testing, analyzing, empirically mapping, and/or experimenting with co-governed urban iniatives in novel, innovative, and exciting new ways. 

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Sketch by Becca Barad of the Co-city Methodology

The Global Co-Cities Project

LabGov Georgetown is co-host to this global, ground-breaking applied research project, which is designed to test, evaluate, and refine the Co-City Methodology. To date, the project consists of over 400 urban governance projects in over 100 cities, with additional cities and projects expected.

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*Sketch compliments of artist Becca Barad (@BeccaB_Rad)



A picture of all the attendees at a conference on LabGov in Bellagio in December 2015.

LabGov Georgetown's Team & Friends

LabGov Georgetown, which is led by Sheila Foster, is built upon a team of dedicated and internationally accliamed scholars, practitioners and experts in urban governance.  Collaboration, which lies at the heart of the LabGov concept itself, is embedded in every facet of LabGov's existence and work.

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LabGov Publications & Literature

The Co-Directors of LabGov, Professors Sheila Foster and Christian Iaione, have published extensively on the concepts and ideas that fuel LabGov's research agenda.

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A woman looking at a gentrifying street

LabGov's Most Recent Blog Post

Read Sheila Foster's Recent Blog Post, “Gentrification Reconsidered: An Ambitious Framework for Equitable Urbanism,” from May 2018.

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